I often am asked why I decided to get into YouTube. For many years I was against doing YouTube and working my social media. I didn’t want to create my own content, I wanted to audition and book and that was it! It’s too much responsibility to have your own channel. This is what I told myself when I started YouTube in 2012 and subsequently quitted. Oh how I wish I had my eyes open back then. In Summer 2015 I decided due to a small grant I received that I would create my own project of some sort. After so much research I found that there was no right answer on what to do with my investment. From there I decided to start doing YouTube because I thought if I can build a stronger audience based off my success in Egypt with my Miss Egypt title and expand my audience in America than I will have someone who will want to see my films. I thought it was fool proof. Since then, I was reached out by someone at Fullscreen who connected me with a “prankster.” I had no idea what I was getting myself into when this person wanted to do a prank where he looked like he was urinating on luxury vehicles in Beverly Hills but I just rolled with it. That’s how I got started with the pranks and social experiments. Fast forward to today, I am still doing pranks and social experiments but I’m also transitioning into more personality based videos. Bringing my essence to my YouTube videos by creating characters (incorporating my acting skills) as well as doing trending challenges in my own unique way and vlogs. I have been often misunderstood through my dry humor and sarcasm since it is more of a Middle Eastern/European sense of humor (think Office Space). But like I always say, you have to be at least somewhat intelligent to understand this type of humor as I’m a genius at keeping a straight face while saying the most ridiculous things. 🙂