Birth Name: Sarah Aboufasha
Birth Date: February 8th
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Nicknames: Fasha, Sasha, Sarsoora, Soso
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA
Places Raised: Newport Beach/Costa Mesa, CA
Parents: Sam and Mervat (Parents), Taher Aboufasha (Grandfather)
Siblings: Kareem (Brother)
Mother of 2 cats: Banoota (RIP), Fetfouta
Languages: Conversational Arabic, Sarcasm, fluent English and I look like I speak Spanish
Interests: Cats, Couponing, Fitness, Ice Cream, Coffee, Flirting, Researching, Knowledge is Power!
Relationship Status: Single, too impatient to mingle

1st Job: Movie Theaters in Newport Beach, CA. Got fired after two weeks for no reason at all!
1st Car: 1990 240SX Nissan from my mother
1st Pet: Kitty cat – duhhhhhh
Team Sports: Ahly and any team that plays against people I don’t like 🙂
1st Albums bought: Mary J. Blige – Share My World (random I know)
Favorite Color: Orange is partial to me but I’m equal opportunity
Fav Book: Facebook?
Fav Foods: Salmon, Steak, Arabic, Thai, not a lot I don’t like
Fav Dessert: Cheesecake
Fav Childhood Cartoons: SpongeBob
Fav Disney Movie: Lion King
Fav Reality Show: I don’t care for them, but I will randomly watch them
Fav Movies: My Name is Khan, Sling Blade, stuff that hits home too many to list
Fav Documentaries: Too many to even think of one but love documentaries that make you think outside the box like conspiracy, stuff on history, outer space
Fav Channels: Investigation Discovery, National Geographic
Fav Sport: Shopping!!!
Fav Board Game: Twister
Fav Position: CEO
Dance: Like a rockstar, anything for a laugh
High school Arts: Took singing and played the clarinet once upon a time
Other Talents & Crafts: Mastermind manipulator, Oddly intelligent, low key medium
Biggest Accomplishment: Not losing my mind against the ignorance of this world