Stop. Wasting. My. TIME.

If I haven’t said this already than I think I’ve really decided my niche. And it is going to involve me, myself, and I. Time after time I get contacted my many people who want to “work” with me yet, no one seems to show much commitment. If you look at my recent videos and my Instagram videos especially, you will think I may be sort of popular. But if you look closer you will see, most of my videos are just myself and occasionally my cat. I don’t have the patience anymore to deal with inconsistency. It literally says in my Instagram bio “Stop Wasting My Time.” Just today, someone contacted me to “manage” me. This evening we were to speak on the phone at 6pm. Of course, there were a multitude of excuses as to why he was not available. I politely told him that we are clearly not on the same page if this is the communication I can expect on a manager-client basis. Like just stop trying to jump on my train if you can’t add any value. I can do everything by myself, I don’t care to collaborate with anyone anymore especially since I don’t care to audition and prove myself to anyone or even for fame. I don’t care to do saturated skits either. I want to focus on being a personality and being likable for my characteristics and for my sense of humor that so little get, why, because I actually enjoy making my own content now. I like being the girl that can laugh at herself, be ridiculous and not care what others think all for a laugh. I spend a lot of time alone and “in my own world” and I like it like that.

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