Social Experiment Shoot: Muslim Woman Votes for Donald Trump

Today was very interesting to say the least. My partner in YouTube who I often do prank videos with called me yesterday asking to be apart of a social experiment. It was really fun. Basically, we had a black man on Hollywood Blvd hold up a sign saying he voted for Trump and to not judge him and asked people for hugs. Then I wore a hijab and did the same. We wanted to see how the public would react to both a black man and a Muslim woman saying they voted for Trump. The results were actually a lot more welcoming I thought however, I think they are skewed a bit. The reason I say this is because as an “attractive” woman even with a hijab on, I think I was treated much better than the black man holding the sign. So why should I be treated better? Aren’t we all equal? This has always disappointed me when it came to these experiments I do. I feel like if I was less attractive maybe the results would be different. Obviously this isn’t scientific or accurate, we have to take geography into consideration as well but it is sad how superficial society can be. I heard several instances where people yelled “Fuck Trump” when the black guy held the sign. I didn’t hear anyone say that to me…we are not born with a choice of who we are. What color we get to be or what sex. So who is to say one person is better than another when we weren’t born with a choice! I love and hate people in so many ways but what can you do. Just trying to make people smile and enjoy life as much as they can. God is good and loves us all.

One thought on “Social Experiment Shoot: Muslim Woman Votes for Donald Trump

  1. Yes I could see how a pretty girl would get less hassle on this then that black man. That sucks that we don’t get judge on a equal playing field. You try to use different races more often other then just black man just a idea.

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