Oh Adam, Adam, Adam, the Boy Who Cried Wolf

Nope, not doing it.

I’m standing my ground on this, and anyone with a brain can gather enough evidence to see that this guy is a bozo. People want to say I’m a hypocrite because I don’t dress like a typical “Muslim.” Okay well, sure, maybe you’re right, however, what I do doesn’t effect a whole race, religion or even a plane. The defenses that people are coming up with are so mindless and blind. Why didn’t anyone on the plane say anything? Well, maybe because no one wants to get kicked off the flight, everyone knows how difficult it is to get another flight and wasting time on slim and adam saleh is certainly not worth it.

If people would do just a tad bit of a research they will see that they were never speaking to adam’s mother, that they were in-sighting fear by yelling out Om Tolekem Om (Indonesian) and fist pumping on the plane. If they think it’s a joke, than let’s treat them like a joke. I’m not going to get into all the reasons why this is completely bogus but the shady Dec 13th incident and this guys past shows nothing less than a sociopath that is capitalizing on race baiting and the fact that there were recent terrorist events in the UK. Like, how sick do you have to be to think this is a joke. People can literally be directly or even indirectly killed by the ignorance and actions of these two. If this is really true than I challenge adam and slim to actually take Delta to court. Which is not going to happen. I feel bad for the innocent people on the plane who were accused of being bigots and racist for no reason just so these children can make a mockery of Islam and Arabs alike. So they can become more famous and cash in on people’s fears and make money off of Islamophobia. It’s just disgusting and that word is saying it lightly.

His little teenie bopper fans that thinks he can do no wrong are just so sad to say the least. Some are even defending him saying so what if it’s a prank. What do you mean so what? I don’t want to waste anymore time on this but here is the video I made with all his little lame fans harassing me and anyone that stood against him. Well guess what, video isn’t coming down and you can unsubscribe because what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong and he is dead ass wrong and he shouldn’t be allowed to fly. Flying is a privilege not a right!

Furthermore, no one will EVER bully me into not saying what I want. I’m known to be outspoken so why shut up now? People are saying I wouldn’t have the guts to say this to his face…oh you must not know, my mouth is known to get me in trouble. Don’t play yourself. 🙂

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