My Dry Humor Offends Americans…Apparently

Sometimes I wish I lived in Britain or the Middle East. Not for any special reason except for the fact that I feel a connection with the sense of humor from those parts of the world. My humor is very dry and sarcastic. I’m subtle in my comedy. I guess I’m SO subtle that many Americans have no idea that I’m joking. Take my “Calexit” presidency YouTube video. Some got it, most didn’t. Comments like, why are you in your underwear and your room is such a mess, etc. It’s amazing bc many of these people don’t realize that this IS comedy, That IS a character. I am illustrating how UNQUALIFIED this CHARACTER is to run a country. It’s really amazing to me that with all the content on my channel, no matter how you find it, people can’t recognize satire comedy. For me, if I was confused on weather something was “real” or not. I would take it a step further by looking at the rest of the content on someone’s page or even a simple google search before I left an offensive comment. Most of the comments are just ignorant anyway and I don’t take it personally I just wished people would put a little more thought into something before they took actions. I like my humor and I don’t care if people get it or not, someone will and that’s my audience.

One thought on “My Dry Humor Offends Americans…Apparently

  1. I like your sense of joking. maybe because I have lived all over California and around the world that I get a different sense of comedy but you OK in my book.

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