I Just Can’t Commit to Snapchat Now…

First Of All Pharaohs 🙂

For everyone that keeps asking me where is my website, to which I respond – I’m on every other social media site no one uses those things anyway! Well, you won! But I guess it’s not so bad after all. I’ve been meaning to create one of these for such a long time and even used Tumblr very lightly but thanks to one of my courses at UCLA I have to do this, which is great, because otherwise I would never do it. Especially at a time like this, my mother just flew in from Egypt, I’m finishing up a big move from one home to another, even my YouTube has slowed down but here I am. 🙂

I plan on using this blog to give little updates on me that people may care about or if I feel really passionate about something and what my thoughts on it are. Like for instance, not super important but I’m deleting my snapchat. I decided, why should I have it? As a YouTuber, yes I want to have as many platforms as possible but come on, there are so many!! Growing your fanbase on snapchat has proven to be difficult bc after taking only a few days off I found my views decrease tremendously. I don’t know who is watching me and I honestly feel like it’s a lot less control. Not to mention the random nudes I get from strangers. At first I was offended for Snapchat when Instagram made their stories but I’m liking their stories a lot more. I can see who is watching and visit their profile provided it’s not private. People don’t have to follow me to see my stuff either and my fan base is a lot bigger there. So I’m deleting my snap. I’m actually going to make a “secret” snap just for the purpose of using the filters to download and upload to Instagram. That way I can concentrate on my audience there. For anyone who uses those features, which do you prefer? Snapchat or Instagram Stories and why? I can see why people wouldn’t want to give up Snap if they have a strong following there, but my base is on Instagram and Facebook anyway.

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