#CalExit – California Wants To Leave The U.S. and I Should Be President

I don’t know why but deep in my soul I knew Trump was going to win. I have proof of when I stated that with timestamps but that’s besides the point. It’s still a hard pill to swallow.

So we have to all laugh to keep from crying right?? Right! So, I have spent much of the last week laughing at the tragic results of the 2016 election. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any funnier I found out that California is trying to secede from the United States. I don’t know how realistic that is but it is very funny.

I took this as an opportunity to make fun of the new “Calexit” plan. Well, if California is going to be it’s own nation, than it will need a president won’t it? So I made a video (comedic) on my run for president. Well as usual, people do not have a sense of humor on the internet and the fact that I am allegedly “running” for president in a messy room to illustrate that I can’t get my life together and my ridiculous credentials including the fact that I have a cat isn’t enough for people to get that this is a joke. I mean, the fact that you can see me in my bedroom mirror “accidentally” in my underwear, come on people! So many people think that I am serious and it’s beyond ridiculous. I mean, I guess it’s okay but it kind of hurts that people are so dumb. My humor I guess is a little too dry for the masses. But like I have always said, you have to be intelligent to understand dry humor and sarcasm and as we have seen from this last election. Most people do not care about facts and are easily persuaded. It’s sad. In the day of Google, I truly believe ignorance is a choice.

Watch the video here 🙂 

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