Actors Vs. YouTubers

A couple weeks ago I did a rant on my YouTube about the differences between trained actors and people in social media that THINK they are actors. And God is it annoying. Just like any career, for someone to work hard to get into and then someone else to just come along and proclaim themselves as such can be rather frustrating. It was bothering me for a while and I think that is one of my motives to want to become more of a YouTube personality rather than an actual actor, although I am heavily trained and in the union. Everyone on instagram is doing skits, they are usually poorly written, not funny and terribly shot. So I either have to stop doing skits, or do skits that are of much better quality. So in a way it forces me to pick up my game. Here is a link to my rant here where I use the perfect analogy involving my obsession of cats. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Actors Vs. YouTubers

  1. Liked your post Sarah! I agree with you about the difference between being a real actor or a “youtuber”. I understand your annoyment specially if you are a professional trained actress. Unfortunately I believe this is nowadays world, where people try to stand up and pretend to be an actor, musician, etc, but they are not. And they probably earn a lot of money in doing ridiculous things in videos of 1 minute. I really understand your point of view but I think this should not discourage in your career as an actress, and on the other hand, I would take advantage of this new era and “pick up your game” (love that words btw). I would try to stand up with something that makes you unique and different from other actresses. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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