Oh Adam, Adam, Adam, the Boy Who Cried Wolf

Nope, not doing it.

I’m standing my ground on this, and anyone with a brain can gather enough evidence to see that this guy is a bozo. People want to say I’m a hypocrite because I don’t dress like a typical “Muslim.” Okay well, sure, maybe you’re right, however, what I do doesn’t effect a whole race, religion or even a plane. The defenses that people are coming up with are so mindless and blind. Why didn’t anyone on the plane say anything? Well, maybe because no one wants to get kicked off the flight, everyone knows how difficult it is to get another flight and wasting time on slim and adam saleh is certainly not worth it.

If people would do just a tad bit of a research they will see that they were never speaking to adam’s mother, that they were in-sighting fear by yelling out Om Tolekem Om (Indonesian) and fist pumping on the plane. If they think it’s a joke, than let’s treat them like a joke. I’m not going to get into all the reasons why this is completely bogus but the shady Dec 13th incident and this guys past shows nothing less than a sociopath that is capitalizing on race baiting and the fact that there were recent terrorist events in the UK. Like, how sick do you have to be to think this is a joke. People can literally be directly or even indirectly killed by the ignorance and actions of these two. If this is really true than I challenge adam and slim to actually take Delta to court. Which is not going to happen. I feel bad for the innocent people on the plane who were accused of being bigots and racist for no reason just so these children can make a mockery of Islam and Arabs alike. So they can become more famous and cash in on people’s fears and make money off of Islamophobia. It’s just disgusting and that word is saying it lightly.

His little teenie bopper fans that thinks he can do no wrong are just so sad to say the least. Some are even defending him saying so what if it’s a prank. What do you mean so what? I don’t want to waste anymore time on this but here is the video I made with all his little lame fans harassing me and anyone that stood against him. Well guess what, video isn’t coming down and you can unsubscribe because what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong and he is dead ass wrong and he shouldn’t be allowed to fly. Flying is a privilege not a right!

Furthermore, no one will EVER bully me into not saying what I want. I’m known to be outspoken so why shut up now? People are saying I wouldn’t have the guts to say this to his face…oh you must not know, my mouth is known to get me in trouble. Don’t play yourself. 🙂

Stop. Wasting. My. TIME.

If I haven’t said this already than I think I’ve really decided my niche. And it is going to involve me, myself, and I. Time after time I get contacted my many people who want to “work” with me yet, no one seems to show much commitment. If you look at my recent videos and my Instagram videos especially, you will think I may be sort of popular. But if you look closer you will see, most of my videos are just myself and occasionally my cat. I don’t have the patience anymore to deal with inconsistency. It literally says in my Instagram bio “Stop Wasting My Time.” Just today, someone contacted me to “manage” me. This evening we were to speak on the phone at 6pm. Of course, there were a multitude of excuses as to why he was not available. I politely told him that we are clearly not on the same page if this is the communication I can expect on a manager-client basis. Like just stop trying to jump on my train if you can’t add any value. I can do everything by myself, I don’t care to collaborate with anyone anymore especially since I don’t care to audition and prove myself to anyone or even for fame. I don’t care to do saturated skits either. I want to focus on being a personality and being likable for my characteristics and for my sense of humor that so little get, why, because I actually enjoy making my own content now. I like being the girl that can laugh at herself, be ridiculous and not care what others think all for a laugh. I spend a lot of time alone and “in my own world” and I like it like that.

No Staring Please

Step by step guide on how to not stare at boobs.
Obviously, focus on the eyes, or something on the face.
Perhaps look off into the distance and pretend to be lost in thought if anything.
If all else fails, imagine that gorgeous pair in front of you, belongs to your mother. You’re welcome fellas.

Keep It Simple. Stupid.

I have spent a lot of time trying to think of things that haven’t been done already in terms of videos, but why should I? Everything (almost) has been done. But even if it has, you can add your own twist to it. Right now, I’m experimenting a lot with my videos to see what gets a lot of likes/views etc. I’m not focused on money I’m only focused on growth and likablity. I feel like I’m starting to gain more consistent viewers and by me showing support back by responding to their messages, following back, etc. I am gaining some real momentum. I love all my viewers that are respectful to me and I’m happy I am also gaining some female viewers that like me too. Social media, the place where you can be social and anti-social all at once.

Mercy On My Heart

I have hypersomnia. Sleeping is NEVER an issue for me. Yet something about him kept me up all night, literally. Since my whirlwind romance with AJ Lamas years ago, he’s the FIRST guy that made me want to write in my diary again. I adore him so much. He deserves me.

My Last Cosmetic Surgery

I had augmentation mammoplasty surgery redone. Debating if I want to put out a before and after and explain what I went through in effort to give some knowledge on my rare botched condition. But all I can say is that after 8 years, they are finally perfect and I couldn’t be happier. Finally. Alhemduiallah. 🙂

Why Did I Become a YouTuber

I often am asked why I decided to get into YouTube. For many years I was against doing YouTube and working my social media. I didn’t want to create my own content, I wanted to audition and book and that was it! It’s too much responsibility to have your own channel. This is what I told myself when I started YouTube in 2012 and subsequently quitted. Oh how I wish I had my eyes open back then. In Summer 2015 I decided due to a small grant I received that I would create my own project of some sort. After so much research I found that there was no right answer on what to do with my investment. From there I decided to start doing YouTube because I thought if I can build a stronger audience based off my success in Egypt with my Miss Egypt title and expand my audience in America than I will have someone who will want to see my films. I thought it was fool proof. Since then, I was reached out by someone at Fullscreen who connected me with a “prankster.” I had no idea what I was getting myself into when this person wanted to do a prank where he looked like he was urinating on luxury vehicles in Beverly Hills but I just rolled with it. That’s how I got started with the pranks and social experiments. Fast forward to today, I am still doing pranks and social experiments but I’m also transitioning into more personality based videos. Bringing my essence to my YouTube videos by creating characters (incorporating my acting skills) as well as doing trending challenges in my own unique way and vlogs. I have been often misunderstood through my dry humor and sarcasm since it is more of a Middle Eastern/European sense of humor (think Office Space). But like I always say, you have to be at least somewhat intelligent to understand this type of humor as I’m a genius at keeping a straight face while saying the most ridiculous things. 🙂

Girls Need To Stick Together

I’m really all about women empowerment and it’s men that made me this way. Every time I have dated a guy and they told me about their “crazy ass ex girlfriend” I know now that there are two sides to every story. If women can just get together and communicate rather than fight over men that may not even be honest with them it will make a lot of progress in all aspects. Honesty saves everyone a lot of time. I rather do a little digging and find out the truth about something or be proven wrong than be played like a fool. We’ve all been there and it’s not fun. So disheartening humans do this to other humans. But you know what they say about karma.

Simple Thanksgiving

My thanksgiving was great! And I don’t mean that sarcastically at all. Ever since I stopped associating with certain people and not thinking about them anymore I feel a lot of peace in my life. I spent the day with my mom. And nope, we didn’t make turkey, or do anything traditional because I really don’t care for that stuff. We went shopping. We shopped until we dropped and then came home and ate steak. Lots of good deals and no drama. Just the way my couponing cat lady behind 😃

Social Experiment Shoot: Muslim Woman Votes for Donald Trump

Today was very interesting to say the least. My partner in YouTube who I often do prank videos with called me yesterday asking to be apart of a social experiment. It was really fun. Basically, we had a black man on Hollywood Blvd hold up a sign saying he voted for Trump and to not judge him and asked people for hugs. Then I wore a hijab and did the same. We wanted to see how the public would react to both a black man and a Muslim woman saying they voted for Trump. The results were actually a lot more welcoming I thought however, I think they are skewed a bit. The reason I say this is because as an “attractive” woman even with a hijab on, I think I was treated much better than the black man holding the sign. So why should I be treated better? Aren’t we all equal? This has always disappointed me when it came to these experiments I do. I feel like if I was less attractive maybe the results would be different. Obviously this isn’t scientific or accurate, we have to take geography into consideration as well but it is sad how superficial society can be. I heard several instances where people yelled “Fuck Trump” when the black guy held the sign. I didn’t hear anyone say that to me…we are not born with a choice of who we are. What color we get to be or what sex. So who is to say one person is better than another when we weren’t born with a choice! I love and hate people in so many ways but what can you do. Just trying to make people smile and enjoy life as much as they can. God is good and loves us all.