In a Nutshell

Sarah Fasha (Arabic: سارة فاشا‎‎) is a first generation Egyptian-American actress, motivational speaker (TEDx talks), winner of "Miss Egypt" (Queen of the Universe Pageant 2013), as well as comedic YouTuber and personality. She is known mostly for her viral success in Egypt after winning the Miss Egypt pageant title during the Egyptian Revolution 2011 as well as her acting projects in the United States. (Wikipedia)

Extended Bio

Sarah Fasha was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Orange County, California until the age of 18. Both of her parents were born and raised in Cairo, Egypt - making her and her brother first generation Egyptian-Americans.

Her grandfather is Taher Aboufasha, a famous Egyptian writer and poet best known for "Thousand and One Nights" and an Egyptian icon. (Wikipedia)

After high school, Sarah joined the United States Military where she served four years in the Navy before being honorably discharged making her a United States Military Veteran.

Sarah pursued modeling in the Washington D.C. area where she was stationed in search of an outlet to the everyday military lifestyle. Once she was honorably discharged from the military, she was able to create her own network of clients as well as negotiating her own photo shoots and bookings.

Although Sarah loved to model, she began to realize that there was much more to be achieved and thus began her transition into something a little more challenging; acting. After years of training as an actor and doing several projects, she decided to move back to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career full-time.

Fast forward to today, she is now a graduate of the famous Lee Strasberg Institute Conservatory in West Hollywood and is a member of the SAG-AFTRA union. In 2013, she competed with many other beautiful Egyptian women in the Queen of the Universe Pageant, winning the title "Miss Egypt".

In December 2013, Sarah made her mark in Egypt after becoming the first "Egyptian-American actress to go viral in Egypt."(Wikipedia) Although she was met with sharp criticism for not being "Egyptian" enough due to her American upbringing and military veteran status, she was also welcomed by many due to her confidence and tenacity. As a result, she appeared on several very well-known talk shows such as "Wael Elebrashy", "Rola Kharsa", "Mohammed Elghety" and many more in Egypt to discuss her "overnight" success of going viral. She addressed the rumors and controversies head-on, leading her to becoming not only better well-known in Egypt, but throughout the Arab world as a whole and parts of Europe. She has also appeared in many magazines and newspaper articles throughout Europe and the Middle East.

In 2014, Sarah was nominated for "Best Actress" in the World Music & Independent Film Festival (WMIFF) for her lead role in the Nollywood hit, "Busted Life" by Chima Movie Empire.

In January 2015, Sarah was the keynote speaker at the TEDx Benha, event in Egypt. Her talk is titled "Qualifying Your Source: How to Determine Weather You Should Value or Disregard Someone's Opinion of You." In this motivational speech, she talked about how she was able to overcome all the backlash of going viral and how others can deal with sharp criticism by putting their opinions into perspective with their possible intentions and accomplishments.

Sarah is also a YouTuber ( with several viral videos that have appeared on "Right This Minute" TV show, "Worldstar Hip-Hop" and other popular social media pages and channels. Her videos consist mainly of comedic skits, pranks and social experiments that have received millions of views. She is known for her VERY dry (Egyptian-like) sense of humor, especially in her rants and vlogs.

Sarah is currently living between Los Angeles, CA and Cairo, Egypt, filming projects in both Arabic and English.

Sarah hopes to make her mark in the entertainment industry for Middle Eastern women and to become the first well-known Egyptian-American actress in America leading to her goal of receiving an Academy Award one day.